Paradigms Master Pro

Paradigms Mater Pro is a software program that allows you to test and practice your knowledge on word paradigms. The programme comes in three versions:

  1. Biblical Greek
  2. Biblical Hebrew 
  3. Spanish

The way the program works is easy. Hundreds of quizzes ready to challenge your knowledge on forms, morphology and paradigms. With great variation the program ensures that learning stays fun even through repetition. One of our users describes the program as a trainer at the gym, one that provides you with the repetition and variation you need in order to succeed. 

What are the benefits of Paradigms Master Pro?

  • You gain speed in accurate translating 
  • The program lets you chose how much you want to be tested. Chose between Multiple Choice or full paradigm quizzes. The choice is yours, you can use the mini-quizzes to gain confidence in your skills and then move on to the full paradigm quizzes.
  • You get immediate feedback- correct answers and a grade for your work

So wether you are learning the language for the first time or you want to brush up on your existing knowledge, Paradigms Master Pro has the solution.