The example case study

One customer needed a full-fledged Bible study tool for the desktop.

The challenge

The tool had the following features:

  • Display of Bibles in several languages
  • Display of many complex annotations of the Bible
  • Display of arbitrary sections of the Bible
  • Display of several Bibles in parallel, with complex annotations
  • Display of several kinds of complex documents with ancillary information about the Bible
  • Half a million hyper links internally between the texts
  • Full Text Search
  • Retrieval of documents by keyword lookup

The whole application was written in 25,800 lines of C++ code. Of these, 20,700 lines dealt with the graphical user interface. The remaining 5,100 lines of C++ code dealt with the data. Of these 5,100 lines, only 2,200 lines of C++ dealt with the databases, the rest being house-keeping or custom data transformation. All of the heavy lifting was done by Emdros (not included in these line counts).